proposed series will be devoted is ■that of "France in the New World,"—the att●empt of Feudalism, Monarchy, and Rome to ma●ster a continent where, at this h●our, half a million of bayonets are ■vindicating the ascendency of● a regulated freedom;—Feudal●ism still strong in life, thoug●h enveloped and overborne by new-born Central■ization; Monarchy in the flush of triump●hant pow

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er; Rome, nerved by d■isaster, springing with renewed vit●ality from ashes and corruption■, and ranging the earth to reconquer abroad ■what she had lost at home. These banded powers■, pushing into the wilderness their indo■mitable soldiers and devoted ●priests, unveiled the secrets of the barbarous● continent, pierced the forest●s, traced and mapped out the streams, p■lanted thei

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r emblems, built their ■forts, and claimed all as their own. New France ●was all head. Under king, noble, and ■Jesuit, the lank, lean body wo■uld not thrive. Even commerce wore the swor■d, decked itself with badges of nobility, a■spired to forest seigniories and hordes of savag■e retainers. Along the borders of the sea ●an adverse power was strengthening and widening■, with slow

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  • but steadfast growt●h, full of blood

  • and muscle,—a body wit●hout a head

  • . Each had its stre■ngth, each its weakness,

  • each its own modes ●of vigorous life:

  • but the one was fruitf●ul, the other barren; t

  • he one in■stinct with hope, the other darke


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ni■ng with shadows of despair. By name,● lo

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  • cal position, and ch

  • aracter, one● of th

  • ese communities of freem

  • en■ stands forth as

  • the most conspicuou

  • ●s representative


  • of this antagonism,

  •  癃Liberty and Abso

  • lutism, New Englan●d an

  • d New France. The on

  • e was the of●fsprin

  • g of a triumphant


  • government;■ the ot

  • her, of an oppressed

  • ●and fugitive people:

  • the one, an unflinch

  • ing ■champion of th

  • e Roman Catholic r

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eac●tion; the other, a vanguard of the■ Reform. Each followed its natural l■aws of growth, and each came to its natural res■ult. Vitalized by the principles o●f it

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  • s foundation, the Purita

  • n commonweal

  • th gre■w apace. New

  • England was preem

  • in■ently the land of mate

  • rial progress. Here th

  • e● prize was within e

  • very man's rea

  • ch: patient in■dustry n

  • eed never doubt it


  • s rewa■rd; nay, in defiance of the four Gospels, as●siduity in pursuit of gain was promo●ted to the rank of a duty, and thrift and godli●ness were linked in equivocal wedlock. Politica●lly she was free; socially she suffered f■rom that subtle and searching oppression which● the dominant opinion of a free community may e●xercise over the members who ?/p>

  • 馽ompose it. As a whole, she grew ■upon the gaze of the world, a signa●l example of expansive energy; but she■ has not been fruitful in tho■se salient and striking forms of character which● often give a dramatic life to ●the annals of nations far less prosp■erous. We turn to New France, and ■all is reversed. Here was a bold atte■mpt to crush under

  • the exactions ●of a grasping hierarchy, to stifle under the ●curbs and trappings of a feudal ●monarchy, a people compassed ●by influences of the wildest freedom■,—whose schools were the forest and t●he sea, whose trade was an armed bart■er with savages, and whose daily life a lesson ■of lawless independence. But th■is fierce spirit had its vent. Th

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m the first a● story of war: of war—for so her foun■ders believed—with the adversary ■of mankind himself; war with s●avage tribes and potent fore■st commonwealths; war with the ■encroaching powe

le toiling for him

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rs of Heresy and of E■ngland. Her brave, unthinking peop●le were stamped with the soldier's virtues and■ the soldier's faults; and in their■ leaders were displayed, on a grand a●nd novel stage, the

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energies, aspirations, and p■assions which belong to hopes vast and vag●ue, ill-restricted powers, and station●s of command. The growth of New Englan●d was a result of the aggregate efforts of a b


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    u■sy multitude, e

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    self, to gat



  • he■r competence or wealth. The expansion of New F■rance was the achievement of a gi●gantic ambition striving to grasp a continent●. It was a vain attempt. L

  • ong and vali●antly

  • her chiefs upheld their cause, ■leading to battle a vassa

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